with Rick
Online Program
[28 Days]
Clarify Your
Life's Vision
Do you need direction and inspiration for your next chapter? Have you achieved some great things, but now you're feeling stuck, lost or unfulfilled? Are you sick of "The Fear" holding you back from your soul's calling?
VisionQuest with Rick is a playful proven online program to help you find the clarity and courage to fulfill your true purpose.
Reconnect with your spirit
Make the space to hear the Inner Guidance you were born with
Craft your vision
Follow the simple step by step process to discover what truly matters to you in this life
Find your flow again
Align with the power of your purpose to carry you into the most meaningful magical phase of your life (so far!)
People get inspiring real-life results after doing the VisionQuest
  • Quitting soul-draining jobs and projects
  • Building purpose-driven businesses
  • Writing books
  • Falling in love
  • Starting families
  • Moving to new countries
  • Volunteering overseas
  • Climbing big-ass mountains
  • Launching social impact projects
What You Get in the VisionQuest Online Program
VisionCLEAR Online Course [28 Days]
  • Come ALIVE with Purpose - Get clarity and inspiration for the next phase of your life.
  • Develop a Meditation Habit - Learn to be still and connect to your inner guidance.
  • Silent Sunrise Sessions - Dedicate the first freshest part of your day to your vision.
  • Totally Doable Process - I guide you step by step through the daily audio lessons and writing exercises, just show up!
Course Curriculum
Week 1: Reconnect with the Power to Create Your Life

Day 1 - Inner Knowing

Day 2 - Paradise Inside First

Day 3 - Authentic as Fyck

Day 4 - Raising Your Internal Thermostat

Day 5 - Enjoy What You've Created

Day 6 - Making Heaven on Earth

Day 7 - The Joke of Life
Week 2: Discover Your Life's Purpose

Day 8 - Did You Forget that You're ALIVE?

Day 9 - If You Don't Enjoy the Ride, What's the Point?

Day 10 - Do You Believe in Life After Before Death?

Day 11 - Embracing Your Weeerdness

Day 12 - The Other Definition of Appreciation

Day 13 - Priceless Swords and Precious Daggers

Day 14 - When You Die, Not a Dry Eye
Week 3: Reveal What's Truly Important to You

Day 15 - Curses Are Always Blessings

Day 16 - Sweet Fulfillment

Day 17 - Creating Your Community

Day 18 - Co-Creating with the Great Flow

Day 19 - Like a Rock Star

Day 20 - Stoke the Fire of Desire

Day 21 - Leaps of Inspiration
Week 4: Clarify Your Mission and Craft Your Vision

Day 22 - Don't Wait to Do What You REALLY Want to Do

Day 23 - The Real Path of Least Resistance

Day 24 - Just Fyckit DO IT

Day 25 - Grow Through Pain or Inspiration

Day 26 - Surrender to the Adventure

Day 27 - Structures for Maximum Expression of Love

Day 28 - Just Keep Going
Join a group of like-minded purpose-driven leap-takers.
I think you should spend LESS time on social media, so we don't go too crazy in the Facebook group. I regularly pop in with reminders and tips. Mostly our participants just share when they live one of their dreams. It's not about bragging. It's about reminding all of us to stay focused and in action on what's most important.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Risk free guarantee
Join the program and try it for yourself.

My promise is that you will be more clear than you've ever been before about who you are and what you're really here to do.

If you don't feel this way, I want you to email me. Show me that you did the exercises, and I'll give you all of your money back.
What Makes the VisionQuest So Different?

Once you get enough clarity about what you REALLY want to do, things can NEVER be the same.

The problem is that no one has ever shown you HOW to get this kind of authentic clarity.

In fact, your teachers and parents and bosses trained you AWAY from your inner clarity. For decades!

They trained you to conform to a bullsh*t vision of success that has nothing to do with YOUR happiness or purpose.

Even other personal growth programs, with the best of intentions, don't take you deep enough into your unique life's purpose. It's a tricky thing, and they just don't know HOW to.

Fortunately it HURTS to ignore your purpose. And there comes a time when you CAN'T ignore it any longer. You can't live the rest of your life FEELING like this.

I can help you tune in deeply, find this clarity, and capture it on paper. Your written vision will give you the focus and inspiration to launch a new authentic phase of life.

My VisionQuest process has been refined with hundreds of live participants during dozens of VisionQuest retreats.

The concepts, the questions, the sequence... every little step reveals another piece of your life's vision. And you'll fit these pieces into one awesome vision for your most fun and fulfilling life. A vision that will simplify your life, refocus you on what truly matters, and keep you on track towards your most meaningful dreams.

Now with the VisionQuest Online Program you can start the adventure TODAY. If this is your next step, if it's right for you, you'll just KNOW :)

I honestly don't think I would have booked this gig and fulfilled this dream if it wasn't for the VisionQuest!!
Alicia Albright, singer/dancer, Disney's Frozen on Broadway, New York City, USA 
About Your Guide Rick

When I was 21 years old I got leukemia.

Pretty scary! But it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because I got to see at a young age that this life is temporary.

Read more about Rick
I know how hard it can be to clarify what you truly want for your life. And I've helped hundreds of people find that life-changing clarity.

When you get crystal clear, life becomes magical. Self doubt is replaced be a sense of purpose. Struggle is replaced by ease and flow.

I'm not some big personality seminar guy. I'm someone that believe that you already know the answers to your most important questions, you just need the right space to allow that voice to be heard and captured.

The VisionQuest Online Program is that space.

I have now run over 40 VisionQuest Retreats in Bali and Australia. I've run VisionQuest workshops in Bali, Australia, and New York City. I've gotten to work with so many amazing people from over 20 countries and help them find greater fulfillment in their lives and work.
What's My Investment?
What is the cost in your life of NOT being clear on what you truly want for the next phase of your life?

How many more years or weeks or DAYS are you going to let fear or self doubt keep you stuck in disempowering situations in your life?

At the end of your life will you be able to look back and say that you did what you truly wanted to? That you fully enjoyed the gift of your life? That you fulfilled your purpose?
What You Save
 $5000 + travel expenses 

The VisionQuest Bali Retreat costs $4000 + flights + travel expenses. Our online program is available at a great price and you get access immediately.

Save money and start today.

Prices in USD
Option #1
VisionQuest Online Program
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28 Day Online Course + Workbook
Private Facebook Community
Lifetime access to online materials
Option #2
VisionQuest Online Program + One-on-One Coaching with Rick
Let me guide you through the VisionQuest Process with 5 private coaching calls spaced throughout. I take on a very limited number of private coaching clients.

 This coaching program is by application only. 
Insert Label Here
28 Day Online Course + Workbook
Coaching Package: 
5 x One-on-One Coaching Calls with Rick

Private Facebook Community
Lifetime access to online materials
*** Option to customize your course (eg. 4 day accelerated course, like a solo mini-retreat) ***

Rick has a talent for asking just the right questions to help you clarify what you already knew - and take your life to the next level.

Seth Rosenburg, former product lead at Facebook, currently investor at Greylock, San Francisco, USA
You talk about life's purpose a lot. What does that mean?
Yes I do. From what I've seen after 40+ VisionQuest retreats, your life's purpose is the single greatest key to your power. 

Your life's purpose is the "work" that you were put on Earth to do. It's the unique way that you uplift and empower other people. It's your way of BEING when you are at your best. 

Other aspects of your life's purpose are your unique talents, interests, skills, passions and experiences.

When you are living your purpose, life has a magical flow to it. You'll see what I mean.
Is this a vision quest in the Native American sense? Like are we going to take plant medicine or psychedelics?
No, my VisionQuest does not involve plant medicine or psychedelics. We use other means to connect with your spirit and clarify your life's vision.
The VisionCLEAR course is 28 days. Does it really take that long to discover my purpose?
Good question. Yes and no :)

Your life's purpose is the core part of the VisionCLEAR course, but there's more to it.

First you do some priming work that sets you up to discover your purpose. Most people have a lot of BS habits and beliefs going on in their lives. They're not ready to own their life purpose quite yet. So we gotta get you back in touch with your POWER. The fact that you already are a powerful creator and you always have been.

THEN we can dive into your purpose.

And then after you clarify your purpose, you start to get specific with how you're going to EXPRESS your purpose in the real world. 

What are your dreams? What do you want to create? Related to your purpose, and related to anything else that's really fun and inspiring for you.


The main reason that the course takes 28 days is that I took all the best of the best material from the week-long retreat, and condensed it down to the most potent concepts and questions. 

And then I spaced it out into bite sized chunks -- just 30 minutes per day -- that even the most busy person can commit to IF they really want change.
Silent Sunrise Sessions sound pretty early. Do I HAVE to do the course work at 5:30 a.m.?
Here are my questions to you:

How strongly do you want to create a magical meaningful life?

How important is it to you to follow your own inner guidance above the noise of the world?


I'll tell you something. Silent Sunrise Sessions were not always part of the VisionQuest process.

A few years ago, one of my retreat clients sent me a podcast to listen to (Tim Ferriss interviewing Josh Waitzkin). Waitzkin explained how he does early morning journaling, before his baby son wakes up, every morning, before he does anything else. He said that he can tune into answers and solutions for problems in his business and his life.

I thought that sounded cool. So we tried this on my next retreat. Getting up early, before sunrise, and doing our first writing sessions then. And not talking to anyone. Just staying silent and tuning in.

I called the Silent Sunrise Sessions.

And my guests LOVED it. Because it WORKED for finding the clarity they were looking for.

A few years later, I created the Online Program, but my clients could choose when they did the work. It didn't HAVE to be first thing in the morning.

But do you know what happened? 

Most people fell behind in the program. This was NOT good. I needed a way to help my clients FINISH the course. The course comes together in a magical way during the last few days. Finishing it is key.

I happened to go to dinner with two friends on Bali during this time. One had done my retreat twice and gotten extraordinary results. One hadn't done the program yet.

I explained my challenge. How do I support my Online clients to FINISH the program, and on time?

My client had one suggestion: make them do Silent Sunrise Sessions.

Our other friend agreed. 

It created a sense of structure. Yes it was a bit harder. But it was also way more inspiring, like a mission.

Do you know what my biggest hesitation was? 

If I ask my Online clients to do Silent Sunrise Sessions, I'll have to do them too!

I quickly realized it was worth it. So changed the format of the Online Program to include Silent Sunrise Sessions while you do the courses.

And I started getting up at 5:20 a.m. too, and doing my own Silent Sunrise Sessions.

The results?

Way more of my clients not only finish the Online Courses in their prescribed time (28 days and 21 days), but they get MORE clarity too. And more clarity means greater change.

AND I've gotten addicted to the Silent Sunrise Sessions as a way of life. 

I hope you do too.

How did you come up with the course material?
Some of the concepts and exercises were born through my own writing processes and meditations, facing my mortality, and trying to live an inspired purpose-driven life. Some came from books that have crossed my path over the years (I give the original authors credit). Some arose through high energy moments with my retreat participants.

Experimenting on human guinea pigs during 40+ retreats has allowed the process to develop and mature into a system that will absolutely rock your world with clarity of purpose and the inspiration to do it.
How long does the program go for?
The Membership lasts for one year. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of the year unless you cancel it.

Btw, you'll be charged the same price you originally paid. This is cool because as the price of the Membership increases, your price stays the same for the life of your membership. (It won't increase for you.)


The main course, VisionACTION, takes 28 days to complete. 

Then I suggest you take a one week break (a little time off to let the material soak in).

And then keep the momentum flowing with the follow up course, VisionCLEAR, which takes 21 days to complete.

Remember to join our monthly group Q&A calls too!
Can I go at my own pace?
Here's my strong suggestion:

Commit to nailing the VisionCLEAR Online Course in 28 days straight, one 30 minute Silent Sunrise Session per day.

Now I know you are not a robot and I don't want you to be one. But I'm speaking from years of experience in guiding people through this process. There's an inner confidence that takes root during these first 28 days. When you take breaks, it messes with that process. 

Your old energy-draining habits might try to stop you. But THIS is where you grow... 

Commit to your purpose, your mission and your inspiration.
Do you suggest that I review the program periodically?
YES. This is why it's a yearly Membership. Because you should revisit the VisionCLEAR Course once a year or at LEAST once every 2 years.

Everyone needs to take time out to reconnect with their purpose and vision. To readjust the trajectory of their life.

The greatest gift I could possibly give you is the space and guidance and inspiration to do this.

And if you're paying for a yearly Membership you are ten times more likely to follow through and DO IT once a year.

This is what my star clients do. The ones who get the most extraordinary results. 

This is what YOU will do too when you see the changes that clarity of purpose brings into your life.
Are you saying that my life will become magically easy and happy after doing your program?
No, I'm not. (Another good question.)

There IS magic in this process. I've seen it hundreds of times. There is magic in clarity and there is magic in your purpose.

And I've tried to find just the right balance of inspiration and reality as I've talked about the VisionQuest on my web pages.

Everything moves in waves, including your life. There will still be some hard times and some easy times. 

The difference AFTER you do the VisionQuest is that you know why you're here and where your life is heading. You know who you're here to help and how.

When the hard times come, you realize that they are serving a purpose, maybe to redirect you a little bit, maybe to help you grow a bit.

You can pull out your written vision, read it, remember why you're here, and get on with it. 
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